Aspire to an Orchard Home

Opus Sound System
outdoor Living environment

We create a unique outdoor living environment to fit the character and personality of each home. Our main objective is to offer a exciting and unique design, tailored to your desired style of living.

Stylish Kitchen
The heart of the home

Orchard will combine the very latest product trends with individual lifestyle requirements to ensure that the finished kitchen is a perfect blend of form and function. Our aim is to design beautiful kitchens that perform well, and are an extension of the user’s personality.

Children's Playground
Fun for children

Orchard outdoor playgrounds have by definition got to be fun, exciting and challenging. But they have to be safe as well and we undertake regular inspections together with planned maintenance.

Classical English Oak Staircase
Traditional Oak Staircase

Orchard offer a wide range of timbers including oak, all of which are excellent materials for solid hardwood staircases. Every detail will be discussed with you from the handrail and the string through to the choice of spindle and newel post.

Bathe In Style
Bathe In Luxury

A bathroom should evoke the mood and sensation of deep relaxation. We will choose a bathroom that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle adding greater comfort and sense of well-being.

TV Room
Cinema Scope

A home cinema is a great luxury to have in your home which is custom built to your requirements giving you complete control of what and when you watch it.

Dining Room
Dine with class

If you are hosting a dinner party, special occasion or gathering around the table for a weeknight meal, the dining room is where people come together. From modern to traditional, Orchard will encourage you to celebrate your signature style.

Orchard home at night
When the sun goes down

Orchard homes put the same amount of energy and a little bit of thought into installing the right lighting, so your house comes alive at night and look just as fantastic as it does in the daytime.

Orchard Kitchen
Traditional or Modern Kitchens

It's difficult to surpass the natural beauty of an oak kitchen! This kitchen is a hand painted in-frame design. designd on the computer using the latest technology and with 3d visuals.