Keys Skills used by Orchard Developments

Flemish Bond

Flemish Bond

Is the skilled art of bricks laid with each course alternately showing of broad and narrow faces of bricks.

Grand Garden Design

A Peaceful Retreat

Create an environment for relaxing or entertaining. We can optimise your garden area and plan a setting to suit your lifestyle: from full scale landscaping to additional patio areas or merely turfing to your rear garden.

Contemporary Bath

Classic or contemporary.

Creative choice of flooring can change the whole feel of a room. We have a wide range of flooring options for you to choose from whether you are looking for classical carpets, a welcoming wooden floor to your entrance hall or contemporary laminate. A combination of finishes can be selected to complement the tone of each room.

Flemish Flint Work

Flemish Flint Work

We use skilled Flemish Flint craftsmen - using traditional lime and sand mortars for a beautiful multi coloured appearance and texture.

Spooner Row Annex

Attention to detail

We don't just focus on the home - every part of an Orchard development is given the same care and attention to detail.

Hand Carved Beam

Traditional Oak and Timber

We use oak structuraly, to blend seamlessly or stand out as purely decorative, our beams are always of the finest quality oak, finished using our unique adzing and fuming processes.

Experienced Roofer

Putting the Roof On

Not only do we use premium materials, our roofing technicians are skilled, experienced and maintain a strong sense of positioning and responsibility. Many have been with Orchard Homes for over 25 years.



The traditional craft of decorative and ornamental plaster work, known as Pargetting. Beautiful designs rendered by a skilled craftsmen.

Let The Light In

Let the light in

Natural daylight is a highly desirable feature in any build, with proven benefits for both the building’s occupants and the project’s environmental performance. We Maximising daylight with the creative use of roof windows