Land Purchase NR5

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What we do

We have worked hard to achieve a reputation for building high-quality homes that we, and our buyers are proud of. We have been building new homes in Norfolk and Suffolk for the last 33 years, and have stayed in the area building up relationships with Local Architects, Estate Agents,Planners,Tradesmen,Consultants and many more. This has enabled us to gain Planning Permissions on a number of sites over the years where others have been unable to succeed.

Is your site situated in Norfolk or Suffolk?

  • Blending in with the location

    Maintaining Norfolk and Suffolk’s outstanding natural beauty is always at the forefront of our plans, and building a development that blends in, and is sensitive to these surroundings is of paramount importance to us. We have developed several sites over the years purchased from land owners that have approached us to buy their land. They have wanted an Orchard Home beside them. This is very rewarding for us, as we have worked very hard to obtain this reputation for quality, that we are very proud of.

  • Planning process in Norolfk and Suffolk

    With the whole Planning Process being such a mine field today, with our expert team, we have the capability to deliver a smooth and straightforward process, from our first point of contact with you, right through to the projects completion and planning approval.


    At Orchard Homes we carefully consider the needs of each development, as such we landscape the grounds, introduce wildlife boxes, plant a wide variety of plants, build Children's Play Areas, shrubs and trees to attract butterflies, bees and birds, composting sites and sustainable drainage systems. Inside the homes, where possible kitchen appliances are Class A energy efficient, have segregated waste bins, thermal efficiencies and, in some cases, we introduce heat recovery systems and Air Source heat pumps, all of which means reduced energy bills and good EPC ratings.

33 years experience purchasing land in East Anglia

Land Purchase NR5
  • Building valued Neighbourhoods in Norfolk and Suffolk

    We are proud of the fact, that the developments that we have created, have and still are, standing the test of time. Our developments have become valued neighbourhoods within communities and purchasers are delighted that they are living in this environment that we have created. Hopefully you can get a great idea of what we are capable of, by looking at our developments on the web site.

  • Orchard Homes Land Purchase

    We are interested in Quality plots and sites with detailed or outline permission, and also unconsented land that has been earmarked for future development within a local plan. In certain circumstances, where we recognise future potential, we may also add a site to our strategic land bank, although it may not have any immediate development potential.

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